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Ergaki is situated in the central part of West Sayan. Length of the range (from the west to the east) is about 80km, maximal width is 70km. Ancient glaciers scored Ergaki massif like wrinkles that carved the skin of an old man. The range has a very broad net of ridges: Ergaki, Metugul-Taiga, Baldyr-Taiga, Shepshir-Taiga. It is a unique part of Sayan, which was formed as long ago as Caledonian folding. None of its valleys are alike the others; there are dozens of lakes and each has its own beauty. Each peak is of inimitable style. Hundreds of brooklets, brooks and rivers pour life in this mountainous taiga terrain. The activity of ancient glaciers is most apparent in the west part of Ergaki. Summits there have a shape of pointed peaks of more than 2000m height, difficult (if ever possible) of access. North sides are all-covered with gloomy corries with snow-intergelisols and corrie lakes. Cedar forests, towering along riverbeds of south sides, are mixed with light alpine and sub-alpine meadows. Small isles of the mountain tundra are dotted all above the forest and meadows. Above all one can see the rock pillars of residual mountains. Shape of these relics suggests spread upwards fingers. It gave the name Ergaki to the region, what means fingers in Old Turkic. These places abound with tales and legends, for in the past, gods liked to rest there surrounded with stone toys they brought from the four winds. So often gods are clipping wings and jape to petrify the beings.


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