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Author: Eugeny Krivosheytsev, Odessa
Translated by
Anna Samodelko, Anna Piunova, www.Mountain.RU


The latest news from the Crimea


A lot of new routes have appeared on the Red Stone. Aleksey Chertov bolted a route on the right side of the Grey Slab over the puddle. The category is proposed 8b+/8c. But nobody has tried it to climb yet. And there will be about 10 new routes on the Grey Slab after the conclusion of bolting it.

Red stone
Photo Tatyany Nilovoy

Another new route of 7c+ category “Jump” has appeared in the Central part of the Red Stone. It passes 2m to the left from “Oba-Na” route, 8a. Its primary difficulty is climbing a gently overhanging slab in the upper part – bouldering ended by jump on the split near chains. Eugeny Krivosheytsev is only the one has climbed it on sight. The “Kenigsberg” route, 7c+, is lengthened for 6-7mm and it’s evaluated as 8A/A+ category. It’s done by Eugeny Krivosheytsev on sight and Alex Tselishev climbed it after testing.

A lot of easy routes (5c-6a categories) are bolted on the left side from the Red Stone (there are already 8 routes-by the 7th of September). And the north-west side is added the 7-8- category routes.

“Mandrazh”, 8a+ is climbed by Eugeny Krivosheytsev - on sight, Sergey Terentyev- afterwork, Andrey Vedenmeer- afterwork (2-nd try)

“Practic”, 7c+, Eugeny Krivosheytsev- on sight

“Scorpion”, 7c, Eugeny Krivosheytsev- on sight, Andrey Vedenmeer- flash

“Fiesta”, 7c+ or more- project (not tried)

“Tovarisch Nos”, 8a+/8b- three very difficult bouldering routes tried by Krivosheytsev and Vedenmeer.

“Dance on tiptoe”, 8b+- too hard for climbing on sight.

Sergey Terentyev climbed “Lastochka”, 8a- flash and “Flatter”, 8a.

Girls aren’t behind the men. Julia Abramchuk and Katja Yaermurd climbed “Vremya Ch”, 8a. It was their first route of 8-category in the Crimea.

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