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New routes in the Crimea , Konstantin Savelyev, SPb, Eugeny Krivosheytsev, Odessa
New routes on the Red Stone, Crimea, Eugeny Krivosheytsev, Odessa

Photo: Alexey Tselischev, S.Petersburg



Crimea Photosession

Katja Yaermurd,
"Eskadron" route, 8a

Katja Yaermurd,
"Eskadron" route, 8a

Andrej Vedenmeer,
Vremja Ch", (Time Ch) 8a

Eugeny Krivosheytsev, Kenigsberg route, 8
Eugeny Krivosheytsev, "Aleksis" route, 7+

Eugeny Krivosheytsev, Mastertest, 8a+


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