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Kamchatka. Kluchevskaya volcano group. Klyuchevskaya Sopka mud volcano, 4688m.
Kamchatka. Domestic volcanos. Kozelsky mud volcano
Koryakskaya sopka mud volcano (3456m)

Author: Vladimir Markov, Vladivostok





Kamchatka. Domestic volcanos.
Avachinskaya sopka mud volcano.

The way to Avachinskaya sopka mud volcano's foot goes on Sukhaya (Dry) small river.

Avachinskaya sopka mud volcano
(2741m), southwest face.

Judging from inclination of fuming fumaroles there is a strong wind at the top.

There is nothing to hide where, we have to move only upwards.

Weather varies under our very eyes.

"Collar", the old cone of the volcano, is much closer.

At last we reached the old cone of the volcano.

Anton Shapovalov in the beginning of our ascent on the volcano.

Our base is distinctly visible below.

Work on the slope is just beginning.

Volcanic caldera is absolutely close.

Fumarole fields, the smell of hydrogen sulphide is depressing.

You have to be cautious moving here, it is possible to fall in active fumarole.

Avachinskaya sopka volcanic caldera (2741m)

Volcanic plug - the stiffened lava on the all diameter of caldera.

Fumaroles hot air can warm your ....

Southwest slope of Avachinskaya sopka mud volcano. "Camel", the stone idol, is distinctly looked through on the cofferdam. The photo is made from Koryakskaya sopka slopes.

Clouds from the sea attack.

Southeast slope of volcano Avachinskaya sopka, view from Kozelsky volcano slopes.

"Verblyud (Camel)" Rock. The cofferdam between volcanos Koryakskaya sopka and Avachinskaya sopka.

Avachinskaya sopka mud volcano (2741m). "Collar", the old cone, is distinctly visible in the average part of the slope.

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