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First ascent - Apocalypse North
(photo by Miha Zupin)
Five new routes and three first ascents by Slovenians Svoljsak and Zupin in Alaska

In March and April 2019 Slovenian alpinists Janez Svoljsak and Miha Zupin established five new routes and made three first ascents above Revelation glacier, Alaska.

First ascents:
21. 3. Four Horsemen East (2600m): East ridge, M6/M4, 50°-70°, A1, 600m, 7h. FA of unclimbed mountain
27. 3. Golgotha: Father, Ai5, 50°-70°, 900m, 6h
30. 3. Wailing Wall (2450m): Secret, Ai6/Ai4+, 750m, 7.5h. FA of unclimbed mountain
1. 4. Apocalypse North (2750m): Slovenian route, Ai4+ R, M6, 50°-80°, 1300m, 8.5h. FA of unclimbed mountain
5. 4. Seraph (2650m): The Last Supper for snow strugglers, M7/M4-5, 50°-80°, 700m, 7h

  • For more information and photos, please check the expedition report, written by Janez Svoljsak
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