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Author: Anna Piunova, www.Mountain.RU

Masherbrum. Before departure

Photo report

About expedition

They are absolutely relative people. And it's pitiable to let them go... And to promise to write ridiculous silly letters about weather and trifling girls because there "sometimes can be very hard".

At the last minute there has been the replacement in team's structure: Evgeny Prilepa has jumped a pierhead instead of Nikolay Totmyanin, summited recently Everest without supplementary oxygen, that unexpectedly fell ill.

Start from Moscow on June 11.

"Tolya's singing, Boris's silent, Nikolay's shaking leg..."
(a child poem written by Sergey Mikhalkov, Russian lyricist and author of children's books)

"We have risen to modern provocations: a small team, the Alpine style :)
Well, we will try to climb in capsule style as far as we have strength..."

- What about the descent route? Do you plan your descent via the same route as the ascent?
- First of all we should climb before "descent" :).
We will see that in situ. Probably, we will pass the summit to the south face.

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