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Jannu,  North Face - 2004

Expedition on the South face of the Mt.Nuptse East - 2003

Alexander Gukov.Latok IImpossible is not foreverits Latok I, Sanya, - Sergey shouted.Take me, I shouted to him. This is unreal, Sanya.Everything is covered with snow mushrooms and vertical slopes here, Sergey answered and began to descend.

:Alexander Gukov, S.Peterburg
Translation: Maria Samsonova, Dmitry Zagorovskiy, Ekaterinburg

The First Russian Route on Trango TowerIn august 2011 a new route on Trango Tower (Nameless Tower) wall was put up by the Moscow Mountaineering and Climbing Federation team during the expedition to Karakoram. This is the first Russian route on this mountain

Author: Alex Yurkin, Moscow

Indian Creek, Utah, USA. Portfolio

uthor: Anna Piunova, Mountain.Ru

Zalia is 6 y.o. Birthday!Once a week shes deal with speech therapist. She will be back to hospital in March. The speech therapists, psychologists and masseurs will take care of her for a month or more.

Salavat Rakhmetov

Climbs we did in GreenlandWe are slowly adjusting back to the normal life after 3 months of madness in Greenland... This was definitely one of our wildest adventure so far. But don't worry we are already thinking of wilder things :)

Author Nicolas Favresse, Belgium

Good buy Chloe In memoriam Chloe Graftiaux In memoriam Chloe Graftiaux

Zalia. Help Salavat Rakhmetov's Daugther This morning Rakhmetov's family came back home.

Marina Kopteva. First Female Solo Ascent on Marcheka, 981m, CrimeaUkranian Marina Kopteva (one of two CIS female climbers we ever have) completed the first female solo ascent on Marcheka (981m, Crimea) via Center (6, VI+, C2, 335m).

Cholatse. New routePhotogallery.

: Valera Shamalo, SPb

Greenland climbing expedition success for Ragni di LeccoSimone Pedeferri, Matteo Della Bordella, Lorenzo "Pala" Lanfranchi and Richard Felderer have just returned from a successful expedition to the relatively unexplored eastern Greenland where there carried out 5 first ascents. Simone Pedeferri talks about the expedition.

Author: Fabio Palma, Italy, Ragni Lecco

Siguniang Shan 2009Photogallery.

Author: Andrej Murishev, Moscow

Nemjung South Face ReportWe couldn't climb on Manaslu because of lack of acclimatisation and too much snow...we had a long 12 day period of rest due to very bad weather, but in the end managed to put up what we believe is a new route on the south face of Nemjung.

Author: Christian Trommsdorff, France

Free Ascent of "Quinto Imperio" 550m 8b Naranjo, SpainAfter solve all the boulder moves and get in touch with the upper exposure part, we get excited and completely forgot about the weather that was getting worst and the 300 meters of rappelling that separate us from the base camp.

Author: Leopoldo Faria, Spain

Again 2 grade route or Exotic alpinism in the Lost World (Cape Aya.)3 routes, described by Sevastopol alpinists, we didn't try because of too destroyed and dangerous terrain. We didn't find any more information, so we decided to ascend the Western part of the massif which is located to the left from the couloir, to the west from Small Kokia-Kaya mountain.

Author: Dmitry Podgorny, Yalta

First free ascent of the Japanese Diretissima on the Eiger North FaceThe two professional Alpinists, Robert Jasper (Germany) und Roger Schali (Switzerland) managed to finally freeclimb, redpoint, the famous "Japanese Route" on the Eiger North Face. The so called "Super-Diretissima" (5.13b/8a) is now the most challenging and demanding route through the famous 1800m North Face.

Author: Robert Jasper

Mshatka: triangle on the right, by the center of the eastern bastionBetween the central and The eastern bastions, In the upper part of the wall two long slanting interrapted ledges with trees make the big slanting corner, well seen from the road, named Triangle. The main part of the the route goes along the right interrupted ledge, forming Triangle.

Author: Anatoliy Brunza, Dnepropetrovsk

Arco. Rock Master 2009. Day 1. Lead Onsight & Men's BoulderingPhotogallery

Photo: Anna Piunova, Mountain.RU

Big Wall Free Climbing in Baffin IslandOur main target was to climb around Mt Asgard, which is one of the craziest looking mountains I have ever seen ( Two cylindrical towers with super steep and long walls all around).

Author: Nicolas Favresse

On the left side of the western buttress, 4B (Forossky Kant)The western part of the massif and the most difficult South-eastern walls are divided by the big corner, downward from the plateau which is named Green because of the moss covering it. The route starts near the base of the couloir, coming down the Green corner.

Author: Anatoly Brunza, Dnepropetrovsk

The first ski down from Lyap Nazar (5990 m), Pamir.Climbing and the first skiing down Pik Afzalsho Olimov (Lyap Nazar, 5990 m), Yazgulem Range, in Pamir, via NW Ridge and West Couloir (50 degrees +).

Author: Peter Schoen (Austra-Canada)

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