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Expeditions on Mountain.RU:

- Simone Moro.BaturaII,7762m

- Chomo Lonzo FFME Expedition

- Cerro Torre Expedition of Adventure Team Alpindustria -2005

- "Russian Pumori Team" Expedition

- First Shisha Pangma Winter Ascent

- Amin Brakk (Great Tower) B.A.S.E.-climbing expedition, Karakorum, Pakistan

DGPS Survey of ShkaraIn Summer 2010 duo Peter Schon (Austria) and Boris Avdeev (Russia) climbed Mt.Shkhara (5193 m) the top of Bezengi wall via rarely visited route from South (5B Russian grade, max. 4 UIAA, max 55 degree snow). The climb was started from anscient Georgian Ushguli village, UNESCO heritage site.

: Peter Schoen, Republik Österreich

Skiing on pik Chetyreh, 6230m and pik Korzhenvskaya, 7105m Photogallery.

Photo: Peter Schon, Austria

South Caucasus Episodes, part I: Armenia and Mt. Aragats (4090 m).April 2005. After waiting 2 weeks for good weather we reach the summit of modern Armenia's highest peak. A few meters below Aragats summit (4090 m) Deon and I click into our skis to ski 2000 vertical meters back into Aragats village, a ski descent that should top one of the greatest journeys and adventures we ever had.

Author: Peter Schon (Styria, Austria/British Columbia, Canada)
Photos: Peter Schon & Deon Louw (British Columbia, Canada)

One more about Semerka (Seven) of the Donguz-Orun and not only In commemoration of Yury DrahlinYury skied on the skis Mladost. I dont understand how it is possible to roll along unprepared slope on them

: Nikolaj Pimkin, SPb

President's Cup Alpine skiing eventPhoto report. Prize-winners.

Author: Alexey Azizov, Moscow

Ski and snowboard descent via a well-known ice falls "7", Mt. Donguzorun (4468m) Caucasus, Russia

"... The North Face of Donguzorun is the most difficult and magical slope especially when the sunset paints it in purple-red colors. It both attracts and repels the best climbers. A huge ice-fall over all the face in the shape of an upside-down figure "7", hangs with two its seracs over Baksanskoe gorge, giving to the all massif especial outlines..."

Author: Vladimir Kopylov, Moscow

This is a strange place named Kamchatka

"...After several articles about skiing on Kamchatka were published, I was snowed under with questions, how people can get to Kamchatka, where to ski there and in general - "What is Kamchatka like? " To facilitate life to myself and to the most inquisitive part of readers I decided to make a small review about following important things: where, as well, and as how much it is possible to make high-speed skiing on Kamchatka peninsula' slopes. At once there is a small deviation: If you want to arrive to Kamchatka and to ski only on mountain-skiing bases (hotels) slopes you have to leave this venture..."

Author: Grigory Mintsev, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka

Ski descent from Pobeda peak

"First ski descent from the top of Pobeda peak (7,439 m) is completed! Descent was done on 23-24 August 2002 by Nikolai Pimkin from St.Peterburg, Russia. Several attempts were made before (by US and France) from Pobeda slopes, still that was the first one from the top. "

Snowboard Descent from Peak Lenin

"...I am alone, if anything happens nobody knows where to search for me. And if I turn back it would be a cold night somewhere on the Western slope, frostbitten hands and feet or I can freeze to death myself. The snow is good here, "powder" - the dream of a free-rider, and luckily it's not too deep. Last days there wasn't much snow - which means that the danger of avalanches is not very high. There is no wind at all on the wall, but somewhere above one can here a powerful hum. The first several hundreds meters I slide as if over the rocks...."

Author: Valdek Udris, Tallinn

Snowboard Descent of Dzhantugan North Face

"...There was only one thing to be done: minimum number of turnings with maximum speed.

At last we came on to the face. The snow was still a bit hard. Having taken ice-tools (the only chance to self-arrest), we started further. One more difficult piece awaited us at the end of the slope, where the sun hadnt warmed the thick snow layer..."

Author: Max Pankov, Moscow; Ruslan Kochetkov, Murmansk

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