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: Nikolaj Pimkin, SPb

One more about Semerka (Seven) of the Donguz-Orun and not only
In commemoration of Yury Drahlin

For a start, I want to turn back to the ear 1976. I was being taken up to the Tcheget by rope-way with my father, who was the alpinist of Leningrad sport section and advanced alpine skier. He looked in the direction of the Donguz-Orun, and told me: Look, Pim, you see the glacier Semerka, dont you? Wouldn't it be great if I could roll down there

Although the idea was fantastically unreal at that moment, it has impressed me a lot and many years later I shared it with my good friend Yury Drahlin, who in the beginning of the years 1980-s, gave up the institute, job and a flat in Leningrad and went to live in Terskol. He established himself as electrician of the tourist centre and began to ski for the good of his soul. I graduated from the Lesgafts institute and at the same time finished the carrier of skier, was called up, demobilized in spring 1987 and right away went to the alpinist center Elbrus. In Terskol I met Yury Drahlin. There he said me that he had done Semerka in June 1986. He himself took photos of his descents. A week later our meeting he rolled downhill from the top of the Peak Schurovsky through the Ushbas icefall. But he honestly owned to the fact that in one strip he was belayed but alpinists. In 1989 Yury went to the base camp at the bottom of the Khan-Tengri and was killed in an avalanche, having cut a plate on the descent from the summit opposite the Khan-Tengri. Instructors in the camp categorically advised him not to go there, but it was impossible to withhold him So dolefully everything has finished.

Recently, having one another time came across the article in the Internet about courageous first riders, descended from Semerka, I got a desire to right. By some easy searches I managed to find Yuris mother, his father, unfortunately, has already dead. I took Yuris slides and a table of stainless steel in commemoration of Yury that nobody had placed in Prielbrusje. I am going to do it myself as I want to go to the Elbrus this year.

By the way, that time, in the 80-s, there was no word rider! Yury skied on the skis Mladost. I dont understand how it is possible to roll along unprepared slope on them Dont destine for the quality of photos the slides of the 80-s were made by the photo-camera Smena 8M.

(3891 ), Caucasus

Semerka, 1986

Donguz-Orun (4450 ), Central Caucasus

p. Shurovski

summer 1987

(4259 ), Central Caucasus

Tyan-Shan, summer 1989

glasier S.Inilchek

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