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Author: Peter Schoen (Austra-Canada)

The first ski down from Lyap Nazar (5990 m), Pamir.

Skiing down from Lyap Nazar (5990 m), Pamir, Tajikistan.

Region: Pamir, Yazgulem range (the area south from Revolution peak). Peak Lyap Nazar is located on the right bank of Yazgulem river (Yazgulem-Dara), its North side is opposite to regular place of Base Camp of peaks Revolution and 26 Baku Comissary.

Country: Tajikistan.

Summit: Lyap Nazar (5990 m, in some sources 5984 m). The name "lyap nazar" is translated from Tajik as "one meeting the sunrise". Local authorities have recently renamed it into peak Avzashalo Olimov.

Route: Ascend and ski descent along NW Ridge and West Couloir (50 degrees +).

Team: austrian duo Peter Schoen - Andreas Riesner.

Dates: August 2009.

Above - The area in Google Maps.

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From Mountain.RU:
It is likely to be the first ski descent from this peak, as well as probably the first ski-climbing expedition in the area.

If someone has any additional information on ski-climbing in this region, as wel as in Pamir in general, please let us know by sending your notes to info@mountain.ru

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