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Author: Igor Kulishov, Katmandu, Nepal, Royal Mt Trekking


Expedition to the Western Tibet:
Kailash-Zhang Zhung area


Mt. Kailash: hike kora around the sacred mountain


Chorten Kangnyi

Dirapuk Gompa lodge

Dolma La - 5636m

Dolma La high pass

Dolma La prayer flags

Gombo Pang

Horses on the high pass

Kailas pilgrim family

Kailas view

Kailas view from Chiu Gompa

like father like son

On the Kora

Dolma La prayer flags

Shiwa tsal - the valley of dead

Tea house on the Kora

The face of Nirvana

The Holy Mt Kailas

Tibetan pilgrim family

Tibetan women on the Kora


Ancient Kingdoms Gu-ge and Zhang Zhung

Kingdom of Gu-ge occupies the territory along the banks of the Sutlej river north of the main Himalaya, Tibetian far-western regions, Khyunglung (Garuda) valley, up to the Indian boundary. All the area represents a complex of canyons, fancifully eroded in ancient breeds of red sandstone. The first data about inhabited cities in this area is concerned to 2,800BC in ancient religion Bon original sources. The most ancient settlement - the cave city of Zhang Zhung - extended some kilometers on the Sutlej northern bank and contained up to 3000 inhabitants. The capital of Zhang Zhung was called Khyunglung Ngulkhar, the 'Silver Palace of Garuda Valley', it ruins in the upper Sutlej valley south-west of Mount Kailash.

Bridge over Sutlej

Cave murals



Holy stones

Shangshung canyon

Shangshung cave town

Shangshung hot springs

Shangshung natural hotspring

Shangshung view

Shangshung wall caves

stone mandala

stone wall

Sutlej river

The route to Shangshung

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