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Pressrelease No. 1 Red Bull X-Alps

The Red Bull X-Alps -850 km along the Alps, day and night, by foot or with a paraglider, crueling hours and tremendous pains. The world.s toughest adventure race?

This event proved to be the most astonishing paragliding and adventure race of the recent years. A race against all physical and pshychological odds, a race of pure paragliding and never ending hikes! says Red Bull X-Alps mastermind Hannes Arch after the first Red Bull X-Alps in 2003.

On 1st of August, 2005, 20 athletes will launch themselves again into the air from Austrias Dachstein mountain range and embark on one of the worlds toughest adventure competitions: the Red Bull X-Alps. This race requires the participants to cross the Alps from east to west by flying their paragliders or by hiking and without the help of any other means of transportation. Monaco, the destination, is about 850 kilometers from Dachstein and must be reached via Zugspitze and Mont Blanc in three weeks or less.

Red Bull X-Alps is a competition for international teams. A team consists of the paraglider pilot and his supporter. For the athlete mobilized transportation of any kind is forbidden. The supporter can use any means of transportation except for flying and helps his teammate in supplying food, equipment or information.

Media Coverage

This year a tremendous effort will be made to produce high quality footage and images never seen before in such an event. The athletes will carry Mini DV cameras and MMS mobilephones to directly update their diaries on the website. A helicopter with a Wescam system will follow the teams all 3 weeks to get images of hiking and paragliding as never seen on TV. This year the Red Bull X-Alps will be THE adventure race to come. A race of incomparable exertion. An event, whose participants will experience numerous memorable moments.

Live Coverage

During the race the event website will display a unique feature -Real time positioning information of the pilots via a cutting edge GPS Tracking System. Together with our partner Braeuniger we are designing a special GPS Tracking System that gives a regular position update of all participating teams.

A unique possibility to follow the race live and check on how your team is advancing on their way along the Alps!

Website and Athletes Registration

The website will go live on the 15th of March 2005 and will give detailed information on the race. The athletes registration on the website will be open until the 25th of April 2005.

Check back on 15th of March 2005 at

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