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Ski descent from Pobeda Peak

Nikolai came to Kyrgizstan on 24 July 2002 and arrived by car to Maida-Adyr military post on 26 July. Then he took helicopter to reach Pobeda ABC on 29 July.

Accompanied by 3 fellow climbers from Novgorod (also Russia), Nikolai and the team made 2 acclimatization ascents toward summit using regular route - via Diky Pass and Vazha Pshavela peak (6,918 m, also known as W.Pobeda). Then, after waiting for several days for affordable weather, they have reached the summit on 23 Aug.

There was a lot of snow, but snow conditions were very bad.
The following pitches were skied:
1. From the top 7,349 m to 7,300 m where a short sharp ice ridge did not allow ski
2. From 7,200 m to the Obelisk at 7,000 m (here nights of Aug 22/23 and 23/24 were spent)
3. Then a long traverse on foot to Vazha Pshavela peak (6,918 m) and then ski down to fixed ropes at 6,700 m. It was possible but very risky to ski down to 6,300 m because of bad snow conditions. Therefore descent from 6,700 to 5,800 m was done on foot.
4. Ski from 5,800 to glacier at 4,200 m.

Bindings - Fritschi Diamir 2
Boots - Dynafit Tourlite 4.

According to Nikolai, it is possible to make ski-only descent from top of Pobeda (7,349 m) to glacier (4,200 m) using a different route - North Face (Abalakov route). This route is very dangerous in summer, but may be better for skiing close to October.

Still, Pobeda peak is a very difficult and dangerous summit mostly due to bad weather which is normal here, as this mountain is tne norhthest of all world's summits over 7,000 m.

Nikolai, who have Himalayan experience, compares Pobeda to "regular Himalayan 8,000-summit". Nikolai was borned in 1963, he is experienced skier and climber. He lives in St.Peterburg, Russia and owns his own shop selling outdoor and climbing gear.


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