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Jannu, 7710μ
North Face

The "Big Wall - Russian Way" project consists in climbing new routes on the most famous walls in the world. A mountain wall is a natural phenomenal occurrence represented as a precipice more than 1000m long and with a steepness more than 70°.

First Attempt: Fall-2003

The Team
At present phase of the Project the members of the team were confirmed.
The climbers are:

Alexander Odintsov- the leader, St.Petersburg


Alexander Ruchkin - St.Petersburg


Nikolay Totmyanin - St.Petersburg


Sergey Borisov - Ekatherinburg


Kirievsky Gennady, Magnitogorsk


Alexey Bolotov - Ekatherinburg


Mikhail Pershin - Ekatherinburg


Dmitry Pavlenko, Ekaterinburg



Mikhail Mihailov - Bishkek


Ivan Samoylenko - St.Petersburg

Mikhail Bakin - St.Petersburg


The Sponsors are:

the Committee of physical training and Sport under St.Petersburg' Administration.

Panasonic - Jannu North Face


The authors: Photo Aleksander Ruchkin, Mihail Mihaylov, video Mihail Mihaylov

video film

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