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Russian Extreme Project and Red Bull present new B.A.S.E. climbing project.

This Project is a continuation of new adventure - a kind of extreme sport that we opened in 2002 and named "B.A.S.E. climbing". The goal is not just to get to the top (not around but via the line of the future falling), but to do a B.A.S.E. jump from the summit.

Full information about expedition

News of exepedition

Membership of expedition:
Denis Provalov
David Autheman (France)
Dmitry Lifanov
Maxim Malanchuk
Valery Rozov
Sponsors and organizers: - Russian Extreme Project

Grand Jorasses North Face Expedition


News of exepedition
Дата изменения: 28.06.2006
Victor Volodin leaves the Grand Jorasses Expedition team due to his injury.

Yesterday, Victor Volodin, the president of Demchenko Alpinist club met with an bicycle-car accident.
He is in normal, but must be operated for his broken collar bone.
In this connection his participation in Grand Jorasses Expedition under Russian Extreme Project is cancelled.

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