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Camp 3 (6742mt.)
Deathzone Freeride. Nanga Parbat. Back to base camp

Cala Cimenti:

«The night was long at the 6600 m of camp 3, the second night. It has snow all night long and we where a little afraid about the avalanche danger, but anyway that morning we where happy to have completed the four nights acclimatation period and finally to go back to base camp. We waited for the sun come and relaxing started to go down. Everything was good, the weather was good and we where descending as an harmonious team.

Vitaly also used drone twice and second time he went close to loose it. So in the first part of the afternoon we already descended and filmed by drone the Kinshofer wall and Vitaly started to go further in front of us in order to reach the middle camp earlier to make some shooting more. I was fifty meters upon him and Anton Pugovlin fifty meters upon me fixing some ropes. At that moment I heard a big noise and, watching down, I saw a big amount of white material falling down on Vitaly.

I screamed on him to take care but the noise was so big and he already knew, so I saw him to make a run worthy of a snow leopard like he is and spalm on the rock like a sole. Finally all the raw material passed on his head beating him only with white dust.

After few minutes another little avalanche tried to take him without success. I reached him at the middle camp and he was happy to be alive but happier to not to have lost the drone. So from that point we started to ski and enjoyed a great ski descend on the glacier and finally the chips at the base camp.»

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