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Kamchatka. Kluchevskaya volcano group. Klyuchevskaya Sopka mud volcano, 4688m.
Kamchatka. Domestic volcanos.
Avachinskaya sopka mud volcano

Kamchatka. Domestic volcanos.Koryakskaya sopka mud volcano (3456m)

Author: Vladimir Markov, Vladivostok





Kamchatka. Domestic volcanos.
Kozelsky mud volcano


Kozelsky volcano slopes

Kamchatka climbers are doing their part.

The crux

A view aside Avachinskaya sopka volcano

A good day

The summit is ahead

At the edge of a dip

Our route

At volcano's summit, 2170m. (From the left to the right: Vladimir Markov, Alexander Popov)

Well-known "Zub (Tooth)" on the main ridge of Kozelsky volcano

Traverse on "Zub (Tooth)"


"Sacred Trinity " after the ascent

Last meters up to the shelter

Winter is over board, but it's cosy
and warm in a small house.

Club of climbers "Kutkh".
An usual small house
for builders in Arctic.

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