This morning Rakhmetov's family came back home. " />

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Zalia. Help Salavat Rakhmetov's Daugther

A dreadful accident happened about a week ago in Turkey with Zalia, a daughter of Salavat Rakhmetov, famous boulderingist, he won World Championship 2005 in Munich at the age of 38.
Sure, you've heard about him.

Salavat lead the pitch, his wife belayed, when huge block of rock fell down directly to their 5 y.o. daughter, she's still unconsciousness, in intensive care in a Turkish hospital, she has pulled through four surgeries (amputation of a hand, sewed big toe on a leg, stuck in the spokes of a broken arm and a leg).

But she needs one more heavy operation - damaged crashed skull fragments fell into the brain.

Doctors are waiting for swelling of the brain reduces to allow the operation for removing these fragments.

The problem is that her medical insurance expires tomorrow, and she's still not transportable because of the injuries.

Hospitalization can last from two weeks to a month. And the cost (w/o surgeries) will be approximately $74,000.
Rent of a special aircraft for the transportation of Zalia home is about $49,000.
In total she needs $123,000.
If she's alive.

So let's try to co-ordinate and to find money for Zalia. It is not so easy.
But all our children grow up near the cliffs.

The data for Western Union (currency account maybe later)

RAKHMETOV Salavat (Kipaevich)
63 № 8399932
28.04.2009 - 28.04.2014
Moscovskaya oblast, g. Odintsovo

Thank you for your heart and take care

ATTENTION: When you have received the Western Union transfer code, send it to the reference person Anna Piunova:
For Euro Donation





Name RAKHMETOV Salavat (Kipaevich)


For USD Donation





Name RAKHMETOV Salavat (Kipaevich)


This Informations were given us from the hospital administration:

The costs untill now, in the hospital, are 25.000 TL ( around 16.700$).
From Salavats insurance 22.000 TL (around 14.700$), (this seems to be Zalia's insurance limit for this case) will be payed.
At the moment the hospital charges 750 Lira (500$) per day.
This is the price a turkish citizen would pay, they decided not to charge them like a private patient.
How much further operations will cost and when she is transportable they could not tell at the moment.

We tried to open a Pay Pal account with Salavat yesterday evening.
The problem was, that his bank closed this credit card (which you need to open such an account), because of his negativ konto balance.
i hope this problem can be fixed today.
i'll let you know about the details as soon as posible.

Another day brings another piece of good news

Till now Zalia's right side remained motionless, yesterday Salavat asked her to imagine like if she squeeze a toy, and her finger moved a little, in 15 minutes she could move with her finger.
She can't speak but they formed a system of agree and disagree - if the reply is "yes" she rises up her left hand, if no - opens her month and shows a langue.
Salavat touched her right leg and asked if she felt it, she did, he tries to "wake up" her leg the same way as with the fingers.
The problem is that she can't swallow (they feed her with a probe), and she can't do caca.
But in reply of Salavat's joke about his appearance (he didn't shave and grew a moustache) she burst in laugh!
The result of her brain's examination is encouraging - no serious damage.

Salavat started to do his own morning gymnastics, included running in the park and his voice fulls of hope.
He thanks all of you, they feel your support and ask to keep praying for Zalia.

Good News!

Good news,
this morning Rakhmetov's family came back home.
Zalia is at one of the best children's hospital in Moscow, she's ok (more or less).

Thank you very much for your support!

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