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"Bezengi Worlds" photograf contest

About picture competition

Picture Competition

All visitors of the Bezengi mountaineering base are welcomed to take part in the competition of photographs called Bezengi Worlds. The administration of the camp organized this contest in order to popularize the marvelous mountain landscapes of the picturesque Bezengi canyon as well as the world of nature and people who live there or come to test themselves in this world, enjoy the peace and sublimity of the peaks.

The photographs for the competition can be either black-and-white or colour, not less than 15 x 20 cm in size, corresponding to the themes of the following sections:
1. The world of mountains (landscape).
2. The world of people (portrait).
3. The world of nature.
4. Pictures of life.

On reverse side of each picture you should write:
- Full name of the author;
- The name of the composition (or a short description of the subject);
- The year it was taken.

The number of the pictures is not restricted. Each photograph is to be accompanied with a control print (not less than 10 x 15 cm in size). Pictures for the current contest are accepted till JUNE 20, 2000. The results will be announced after July, 5 and then all the works will be displayed at the Bezengi camp. Winners' certificates will be sent by mail within a week after the results of the contest are announced.

According to the results of the contest, three main prizes are awarded in addition to the main sections:
First Grand-Prix - 10-days free accommodation at the Bezengi camp.
Second Grand-Prix - 7-days free accommodation at the Bezengi camp.
Third Grand-Prix - 5-days free accommodation at the Bezengi camp.

The winners in each section will get 1st and 2nd grade certificates, their works will be published at the sponsor journals.
Pictures sent to the contest will not be returned.

Bezengi Worlds-97

In all, 46 photographs by 11 authors took part in the first contest. Many of them were good enough to be published at the front page of any sport or tourist journal.
The best were the photographs by Ivan Melnik from the town of Chernovtsy (a series of panoramas of the Bezengi Wall and the Northern Massif); Nikolai Kuvshinov from the town of Sosnovy Bor, Leningrad region ('Others will come') and one more photographer from Chernovtsy Vladimir Prostebi ('Ascent tomorrow').

Bezengi Worlds-98

Six authors sent 45 photographs to this contest.
Again the works by Ivan Melnik (the town of Chernovtsy) were considered the best - his black and white triptych 'When the darkness covers the Earth'.
Second Grand Prix was not granted.
The third Grand-Prix was given to Oleg Fomichev from the Moscow region for his picture 'Dykh-tau. The Sunset'.

Bezengi Worlds-99

In all 41 works by 7 authors were sent to this contest.
The main prizes were given to: E. Yubel, St. Petersburg - 'The Moon over Gestola'; E. Sedelnikov, Zelenograd - 'The steps to the height'; A. Radikovsky, K. Dmitrova, the town of Taganrog - for a series of photographs.

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