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n 1997, a new reward was added to the list of mountaineering decorations - from the badge "Mountaineer of the USSR" to the token "Conqueror of Highest Summits of the USSR". The first award badge for Mountain climbers of Russia was introduced by the administration of the Bezengi mountaineering camp. It is the numbered token "BEZENGI STARS" (the author of the project is S. Shibaev, The Deputy Manager of the Bezengi mountaineering camp).

According to regulations, the "Gold" token is given to a person who has notably contributed to the development of the camp itself and moutaineering in general, both in the Bezengi area and throughout the country; to the propaganda of mountaineering as a sport; to the development of co-operation between mountain climbers from different countries. A small set - only 150 items - makes the reward very valuable and really unique. The "Silver" (## 1-400) "Stars" are given to mountaineers who have conquered the six five-thousand-meter-high summits of the Bezengi area - Shhara, Junghi-tau, Mijirghi, Dykh-tau, Peak of Pushkin and Koshtan-tau.

Mr. Ali Anaev, The Director of the Bezengi mountaineering base, has introduced discounts for the awarded persons --from 30% to 80% granted toward all services of the camp. The token that was finally created by S. V. Dudko, an artist-mountaineer from the town of Krasnodar, looks rather impressive. The celebration for rewarding the first "stars" took place on August 3, 1997 in Bezengi.

As of 01.06.2000, only two people have been awarded with the both types of the badges Bezengi Stars:
Yury S. Saratov, Master of Sports, Moscow - the Head of the rescue service of the Bezengi base, Deputy Director of the base for sport and training - "Silver Stars"  1, "Gold Stars"  9;
Evgeny F. Gasilov, Candidate of Sports, St. Petersburg - a rescue service instructor of the Bezengi base - "Silver Stars"  7, "Gold Stars"  10.
Overall, 19 people have been awarded with the "Silver Stars" and 32 people with the "Gold Stars".

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