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Prices (in EUR)

LOW/HIGH seasons:
LOW season 16 AUG - 14 JUL (the following year).
HIGH season 15 JUL - 15 AUG (the same year).

In 2008 will be put into operation two new buildings and sauna:

1. " Lower Tower ": Double-bed rooms with bathroom, extra bed possible, includes "patio" on a roof with possibility to make fire/BBQ.

2. "Higher Tower": Double-bed rooms with bathroom, extra bed possible, audio system, mini-kitchen, library, bar, fireplace, refrigerator, small room for laundry, includes "patio" on a roof with fireplace, Balkar-style and museum of balkar culture, national-style pavilion in patio, natural spring, storage-room for climbing gear in the basement.

3. "Sauna" includes: lounge with a fireplace, bathroom, changing rooms, small pool with a waterfall, font, steam room, shower, audio center.

Inside Tower.

Up Tower.

Prices per day:
- Lower Tower 50 EUR, extra bed 25 EUR.
- Higher Tower 70 EUR, extra bed 35 EUR.

Sauna (up to 10 people): 55 EUR per hour.

Sleeping corps without comforts
Lodging per 1 person a day, EUR (LOW/HIGH season):

- 4-bed framed tents equipped with beds - 6/7 EUR per person
- 6-bed rooms, bathrooms outside - 8/9 EUR per person
- 3-bed rooms, bathrooms outside - 9/11 EUR per person
- 2-bed rooms on 2-nd floor, bathrooms outside - 9/11 EUR per person
- cottages, 2-bed rooms with WC and shower, balcony, hall - 30/39 EUR per person
- visitor's tents within the territory - 2 EUR per person




Meals in the canteen:
- Breakfast - 6 EUR
- Lunch - 8 EUR
- Dinner - 6 EUR

Extra meals available if ordered 5 hours in advance, for extra fee.

Places for the tents should be books in advance, as well as dwelling places in the buildings. Children under 16 have 25% discount on lodgings. The rent of climbing and sports gear for the groups of beginners is free.

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