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If it's necessary "Bezengi" camp can lend you the following equipment for free:
- rucksacks (old model)
- harness
- tarpaulin gloves for belaying
- 2 meters of 6mm rope
- sleeping mats
- crampons (old model)
- ice-axes (old model)
- ice-hammers
- sleeping bags (old model)
- carabines
- gas-stoves "Shmel"
- anorak
- helmets (Russian)
- tents
- ice-screws
- pitons
- jumars

Attention! If you want to rent boots Vibram or 10mm rope, you are to pay for it. It is recommended to use your own equipment (especially tents, sleeping bags, downjackets, boots, gas stoves, pots) if you have it. .

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