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"Russian Extreme Project" represents:

Amin Brakk (Great Tower) B.A.S.E.-climbing expedition, Karakorum, Pakistan, June - July, 2004.

The head: Valery Rozov


Lastochkin Alexander

Kovalev Sergey

In June - July, 2004 "Russian Extreme Project" team consisting of 4 climbers, a camera-man, a photographer and a doctor, sets to climb a new "Russian" route on legendary Mt. Amin Brakk (5850m), West face, and make B.A.S.E. jump, executed by Valery Rozov, from the summit.

The Mountain is situated in inaccessible Pakistan Mountains that present real climbing Mecca. It is one of the most complex and extended walls of our planet. It is harder then Trango Tower. Amin Brakk was first attempted in May 1996 by the Basque climbers and got attraction of rock climber back in 1997. The very experienced Spanish big wall climber, Jon Lazkano, together with Adolfo Madinabeitia and Jose Carlos Tamayo made a capsule style attempt on the 1,200m granite face of unclimbed Amin Brakk. After 15 days on the wall the trio were forced to give up around 300m below the top, worn down by bad weather, cold temperatures that caused minor frosting, and lack of food. They estimated another three to four days of good climbable weather would be needed in order to reach the summit.

Spanish made several attempts until 1999 Pep Masip, Miguel Puigdomenech and Silvia Vidal climbed this virgin Tower and named their route as Sol Solet (VII 6C+, A5). The ascent took 34 days. The route has a technically complex part of 1650m in length and 22 pitch A5 and 6c+ (vertical!) and is considered as the most technically complex wall in the world for the present moment. Extent of sites À5-graded (the greatest possible category of complexity) makes 150 meters (!) at the altitude about 6000 m. Lack of snow on this very abrupt wall causes additional complexities, and the climbers have to haul up water.

The Russians have never tried to climb this formidable mountain. Moreover nobody has jumped from its top and realised similar projects! The team is going to lead and develop the new extreme sports of "B.A.S.E.-climbing". You will be able to follow the expedition reading on-line reportings (news, photos).

Russian Extreme Project History

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Amin Brakk (Great Tower) B.A.S.E.-climbing expedition, Karakorum, Pakistan



Rozov Valery

  • born on December, 26, 1964 in Nizhni Novgorod.
  • graduated MIET (Moscow Institute of Electronic Technics) in 1988, speciality - engineer - programmer.
  • became to be engaged in mountaineering and rock-climbing in 1982.
  • a member of a command of Moscow military district since 1986 to 1991. He did more than 40 successful ascents, 5-th and 6-th category of difficulty. He became numerous prize-winner and the Champion of the country on mountaineering.
  • started to be engaged in parachute jumping in 1993. The World champion, the Champion of Europe, the Champion of Russia on parachute jumping.
  • The author and the leader of “Russian Extreme Project”. The founder of a new kind of extreme sports – “B.A.S.E.-climbing”.


  • Gold - X-games 1998 (USA, San Diego), Skyserfing
  • Gold - World Championship 1999 (Australia, Korova), parachute sports
  • Silver - X-games 2000 (USA, San-Francisco)
  • Silver - 2d World Air Games 2001 (Spain, Granada)
  • Gold - World Cup 2002 (Austria)
  • Gold - European Championship 2002 (Spain, Empuriabrava)
  • Gold - Russian National Championships (1997 - 2003)
  • Gold - Russian Championship on mountaineering 2002
  • Gold - world champion on parachute sports 2003 (France, GAP)

  • climbed a lot of classical complex routes in areas of Caucasus, mountains Fanskie, Ak-Su and Karavshin.

  • took part in Championship of USSR in 1989-1991 in a technical class under the formula - a maximum quantity of ascents within two weeks.
  • took part in the project “Seven summits” from 1994 for 1996. Under the project he summited Elbrus (5642 m, Caucasus, Russia), Mont Blanc (4810 m, Europe), Aconcagua (6960 m, S.America,), Kilimanjaro, (5885 m, Tanzania, Africa), Karsten peak (5040 m, Oceania, Papua New Guinea

  • in 2000 he organized “Russian Extreme Project” company. Under the project unique B.A.S.E expeditions to: Venezuela, Norway, Switzerland, Mexico, France, Italy, Malaysia, Arctic Canada (Baffin's Island), Greenland, Kamchatka were carried out.

  • hobby: snowboard, children
  • likes: salads from fresh vegetables, cheese, apples and good whisky

Seregin Arcady

  • born on June, 28 1959, in Ussuriisk
  • started to be engaged in mountaineering in 1976 in Barnaul
  • in 1982-1984 was a member of Transbaikalian army team.
  • in 1982 graduated Altay State University, speciality - physicist.

The most remembered routes:

  • El-Capitan (The Nose, Salathe Wall, Lurking Fear, Zodiac, Sunkist, Atlantic Ocean Wall, Reticent Wall (A5)). He became the champion of Russia in a technical class for sending Reticent Wall route.
  • Petit Dru (American Direct)
  • Grand Capucin (route "Voyage selon Gulliver")
  • Cima Grande (Cimici route)
  • Civetta (“The way of friends” route)
  • Mont Blanc (Freney route)
  • Cerro-Torre (“Compressor” route)
  • Nalumasortoq, Greenland (“One way ticket” route)


  • hobby: mountaineering, mountain skiing, wakeboard.
  • likes: fruit, Camamber cheese, red wine made in France

Lastochkin Alexander

  • born on March, 8, 1962 in Moscow.
  • left sports school in 1979.
  • played water polo as a member of teams "Manpower reserves" and “Combined team of Pacific Fleet”.
  • graduated MGRI (Moscow Geophysical Prospecting Institute) in 1989, speciality - mountain engineer - geologist.
  • in 1982 started to be engaged in mountain hiking.
  • in 1991 was engaged in mountaineering.
  • climbed a lot of classical complex routes in areas of Caucasus, mountains Fanskie, Karavshin and Tien Shan.
  • the most remembered ascent - Cerro-Torre (“Compressor” route).
  • likes: a fried potato and Crimean red port.
  • hobby: drinking and singing.

Kovalev Sergey

  • born on July, 13, 1966 in Lenensk-Kuznetsk, Kemerovo region.
  • served in the rocket armies
  • graduated Donetsk Polytechnical institute in 1990, speciality - mountain engineer
  • started to be engaged in mountaineering at school in 1982. The first coach - Shestako Nikolay.


  • Champion of Ukraine seven times
  • Champion of the CIS twice,
  • Champion of Moscow on mountaineering twice,
  • Sylver - Russian Championship in rocky class.


The best ascents

  • Asan, Rusyaev’s route, 6-graded
  • Peak 4810, Rusyaev's route, 6-graded; Kritsuk's route, 6-graded
  • Peak Slesova, Morozov's route, 6-graded
  • Dallar, Vorbuton's route, 6-graded, Korablin's route, 6-graded, Snasarev's route, 6-graded
  • Krumkol, Razumov's route, 6-graded
  • Shkhara, Blankovsky's route, 6-graded
  • Grand Capucin
  • Annapurna, Chris Bonnington's famous"Annapurna South Face" ascent route
  • Cho Oyu, classical route
  • Manaslu, South-East ridge, new route
  • Pumori, South-West ridge
  • Everest salvage operations up to 8600 m
  • Lhotse, South face, Expedition of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia, salvage operations up to 7500 m.


  • Married. The son is16 years old, the daughter is 3 years.
  • Director of Open Company “Donetsk mountain club”. Chairman of Regional Federation of Mountaineering and Sports
  • Hobby: book-reading
  • Likes okroshka and “White Muscat of the Red stone” wine

Dorfman Lev

  • born on August, 25, 1961 in Moscow.
  • graduated STANKIN In 1983, speciality - engineer - electromechanic
  • started to be engaged in mountaineering and rock-climbing in the mountaineering club of Moscow Power Engineering Institute (coaches V.Mamonov, A.Kayachev) since 1983

  • from 1994 for 1996 took part in the project “Seven summits” (heads A.Abramov, J.Saveliev). Under the project he summited Elbrus (5642 m, Caucasus, Russia), Mont Blanc (4810 m, Europe), Aconcagua (6960 m, S.America), McKinley (Alaska, 6194 m), Kilimanjaro, (5885 m, Tanzania, Africa), Karsten peak (5040 m, Oceania, Papua New Guinea
  • in 1997-1998 summited Korzhenevskaya peak (7495m), Khan Tengri peak (7010m)

Bigwall climbing:

  • 1995 - El Capitan "Nose", 6À (the USA, California, the head A.Abramov)
  • 1999 - Kyukyurtlyu, 6B (Central Caucasus, the head A.Abramov) – 3rd place in Russian championship in a technical class.

  • Since 2001 he is a camera-man in "Russian Extreme Project" (the leader V.Rozov) and participated in following expeditions:


  • B.A.S.E climbing, Nalumasortoq, Greenland
  • BASE jumping in Arko, Italy


  • B.A.S.E climbing, Great Sail Peak Expedition, Baffin's Island, Arctic Canada;
  • BASE jumping in a cave “ Sonata de Las Golondrinas”, Mexico;


  • BASE jumping, Eiger, North face (Switzerland);
  • BASE jumping, Troll Wall (Norway)
  • hobby: mountain skiing, rock-climbing, parachute jumping.
  • likes: a shish kebab, grapes and red dry wine.

Lifanov Dmitry

  • born on September, 12, 1967 in Moscow.
  • started to be engaged in mountaineering in 1984.
  • started to be engaged in taking photographs in 1990, now a professional photographer
  • made photosession of a dome of Temple of Christ the Savior, a dome of Pokrovsky cathedral (Temple of Vasily Blazhenny), chiming clock on Spasskaya Tower (being directly on a chiming clock) and many other projects.
  • climbed a lot in mountains of Caucasus, Central Asia, Altay, and Europe.
  • from 1994 for 1996 took part in the project “Seven summits” (heads A.Abramov, J.Saveliev). Under the project he summited Elbrus (5642 m, Caucasus, Russia), Aconcagua (6960 m, S.America), Kilimanjaro, (5885 m, Tanzania, Africa), Punchak Jaya (India)
  • hobby: bringing up children
  • likes: meat, moist wine, vegetables



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